Event Sponsored by Shinjuku Field Museum Council

You can find a new way to enjoy Shinjuku!
Since the Shinjuku Field Museum Council is made up of a wide variety of organizations, we will deliver the events which only we can make them come true.

-shin- Onsai

Shinjuku Ward has the largest number of live music clubs in Tokyo's 23 wards. We will hold a music festival which gives an impression of "Music Town Shinjuku".
In addition to music live performances by professional artists, the workshops where you can experience music casually will also be held.

Main Program

In addition to music live performances in the large hall, small hall, and entrance lobby, various workshops related to music will be held in the conference rooms.

  • Performing Artists: A total of 18 groups active in the Japanese popular music world will perform.
  • Venue: Shinjuku Bunka Center, large hall and small hall
  • Fee: Paid (3,000 yen)
    * Please refer to the website for the way to purchase tickets.

Workshops, etc.

  • Venue: Shinjuku Culture Center, conference rooms
  • Free: Free (there are some paid events.)
    No application required (first-come-first-served basis)

Live House Collaboration Project:
-SHIN- Yasai (night festival)

Each live house around Kabuki-cho will carry out each joint project with the Shinjuku Field Museum.

  • Venue: Shinjuku LOFT, Shinjuku MARZ, ACB Hall, etc.
  • Time: The time differs depending on the live house. (Scheduled time: 24:00 to 29:00)

Shinjuku Field Museum 2019 Opening Event
Shinjuku Kukuku

We will deliver a wide variety of programs which children and adults can enjoy, including entertainment, music appreciation, workshops etc. We will also introduce the attractions of the Shinjuku Field Museum.

  • Venue: Shinjuku Takashimaya 2F, JR Entrance, the special site next to Shinjuku Station South Exit
  • Emcee: Vivian Sato
  • Fees etc.: No advance application required, free entry and exit, no entry fee

Stage Program

  • A Music Group GREGO (puppetry performance)
  • Shinjuku Sanctuary Talk
  • Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (string quartet)
  • A Blue Egg (crown and opera singer units)
  • haruru inu love dog tenshi (HipHop/R&B)


  • A hyakki yako (a monster parade) drawing a yokai uchiwa (specter fan)! (It will be finished as soon as the materials are out of stock.)
  • Let's make butterflies with GREGO.
  • Musical instrument experience (violin experience)
  • Balloon workshop